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January 2019

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Jose Rivera-Perez, 
West Florida

"Jose is a wonderful staffing specialist! He is so engaged and always eager to learn. If there is an opportunity to volunteer, answer a question or lend a helping hand, Jose will always raise his hand. He embodies positive and team work!"


Christopher Barretta, 

"What teamwork! Thank you Chris for working closely with the West Florida team to confirm multiple candidates after hours on New Year's Eve in order to help meet the needs of our Facilities."


Radha Servos, StaRN

"Radha is the go to person for any question! Not only is she an amazing instructor, she is always willing to help everyone. Radha will not stop until she has the right answer to each question! Thank you for all your time, knowledge and expertise! You are definitely a shining StaRN! Thank you!"


Christopher Barretta, 

"Chris is so incredibly responsive and helpful that you can hear team members singing his praises daily throughout the 2nd floor. He is bending over backwards to ensure we get our candidates started on time and making a massive difference for our clients. His extra efforts are truly appreciated."


Coleen Valente, 
Human Resources

"Coleen is an asset to HWS and any company she may work for. Not only is she an outstanding recruiter but she is also a mentor and a team player. She is always willing to lend a helping hand whether or not it is her responsibility to do so. Coleen, I really appreciate all the support you have given me during my employment here!"


Bethsaida Metayer, 

"Beth is one of my favorite people in the credentialing department. She is always so pleasant and willing to assist, even with multiple credentials. She never seems to be in anything but a good mood. Even with consistent back to back calls, she is always happy and willing to help!"


Melissa Suarez, StaRN

"Outstanding educator! Melissa connects with every resident! She is able to identify when a resident needs a little more instruction. She is energetic and always engaged in the classroom! Thank you for all you do! I love working with you! Keep shining!"


Erin Green, StaRN

"Erin makes HealthTrust GREAT every day! Today was especially challenging with the labs! Thank you Erin for making the VVC a great place to work. There is such great teamwork in the VVC! The atmosphere is energetic and friendly. You are doing an amazing job! Thank you Erin for all you do! We truly appreciate your hard work and dedication!"


Kimberly Paulhus, Houston

"Kimberly is highly motivated and meticulous worker for our office. Regardless of the multiple projects she is working on, she is always a team player and willing to go above and beyond to get the job done for others. We really appreciate her for all that she does and enjoy having her in our office."


Jennifer Fox, West Florida

"Jennifer has been an amazing leader from the moment she took over the management of our operations. She is friendly and always ready to jump and help other departments in need. The onboarding team has grown to become a solid and successful group due to her leadership and engagement. We appreciate everything she does for our team and we hope to continue having her around us for many years to come. I truly believe she encompasses all the good attributes that make her one 'GREAT' team member in the HealthTrust family."


Jeremy Moore, Houston

"Jeremy goes above and beyond to assist the candidates that I have recruited. When visiting Houston Jeremy has made it a point to ensure everyone has what they need and assists the team, daily. He has a high sense of urgency and great customer service. Jeremy is the ultimate team player!"


Amanda Moss, StaRN

"Amanda is an amazing person! She makes herself available to listen and often offers words of encouragement and support. Her commitment to our team and the StaRN Program is indisputable and also contagious. She makes HealthTrust great and makes me want to be great in my role."


Pilar Morris, West Florida

"We had a meet and greet today in St. Pete. One of the nurses that came through said that Pilar was absolutely fabulous in onboarding. He said that every time he would tell Pilar thank you she would say, 'No, thank you!' She went above and beyond to make this a pleasant experience for him and he said she was unforgettable. Thank you Pilar for making us GREAT!"


Philip Herring, MSP

"He got the name of a Rad Tech as a referral from the Director at JFK on Tuesday. I contacted him and presented him to JFK, just got an offer today! An addition the candidate has a referral for me that is also interested in JFK as they have 2 openings! Great team work Philip, you are an asset to our team!"


David Berg, Human Resources

"David worked non-stop for 2 months straight with Time Away From Work & HR Corporate to ensure that the issues holding up my benefits were resolved. Had he not been constantly following up with them, I fear I'd still be waiting to enroll in 2019 Benefits. He is definitely a person who takes pride and shows commitment in his work performance."


Joyce Cumiskey, 
West Palm Beach

"Joyce is what makes HealthTrust great! She makes everyone feel so welcomed. Any questions you may have she will go out her way to be sure you leave with a clear understanding. She makes you a part of what HealthTrust really is-going to the facilities and seeing all our nurses with a smile on their face helping patients. I don't know what we would do without our Joyce!"


Desiree Massiah, 
West Florida

"Desiree has been assisting us with multiple reports that help us keep our nurses complaint and ready to work. She is great at multi-tasking and getting the job does. These tasks are hard work and she is helping each one of our team members when she completes them. Thank you for making us GREAT!"


Ben Faromade, Dallas

"Ben rocks the Travel Team here in Dallas, including his intoxicating energy and uplifting attitude! He adds something to this Dallas travel team that makes us a family who supports each other and comes together as one!" 


Dennis Kachikis, Travel

"Dennis is always going above and beyond to make sure his team is taken care of from day 1. To him he is just doing his job but to his team he is so much more. I am so proud to work with Dennis and even prouder to call him my FRIEND."


Skye Nicholson, MSP

"Skye's recent efforts and assistance has been greatly appreciated. She is always willing to help, with no questions asked. She is engaged and makes everyone around her feel comfortable. Her team work and positive attitude are highly appreciated! Thank you Skye!"


Brandon Maravich, Staffing

"Brandon is charming and colorful, enthusiastic and committed. He has devoted himself to improving processes since he joined the team as our Director and he pushes us so we reach our best potential. He is fun and fun-loving and can always make us laugh, all while encouraging us to stretch."


Wasim Bakhsh, 
Human Resources

"Wasim always responds to emails quickly, always helps answer questions and is always willing to go above and beyond. Anytime we email Wasim, we get an answer and never get directed to someone else. Everyone in the St. Pete On-Boarding department loves Wasim!"


Arlene Aceituno, Contracts

"Arlene is very quick and responsive with any questions or assistance. Thank you!"


James Perez, 
Human Resources

"James is a trusted and valued business partner. Collaborating with James on topics has been extremely productive in moving the business forward. THANK YOU James for being highly engaged, effective and MAKING IT HAPPEN!"


Bridget Agnew, West Florida

"Bridget does an amazing job of recognizing and encouraging those around her. Super grateful to be able to work with her!"


Katrise Roman, Credentialing

"Katrise is the best at responding and relaying information to get a requirement confirmed. She is always helpful and kind. She always reaches out and provides additional information (training) to ensure that we are properly uploading the AHCA results and getting the candidates cleared to work."


Christopher Barretta, 

"Chris makes HWS great because of his responsiveness. He understands how important it is to confirm requirements quickly so there are no service failures. We so appreciate his expertise and quick responses!"


Julie Stapleton, Nashville

"Received the following from one of our nurses in Nashville. If anyone has ever interacted with Julie you already know this about her. Julie we appreciate all that you do: 'Julie is just the best ... She is ALWAYS very pleasant and helpful. She is extremely knowledgeable and is willing to go above and beyond when I need assistance. If she cannot help me she will put me in touch with whoever can.'"


Amy Moldovan, StaRN

"Amy, I cannot thank you enough for all your support! Any time I needed help and reached out to you, you never complained! If my question was not in your job, you sought out who I needed to speak with and sent me their number! I am so very grateful for all your time and kindness! You bring a smile to my face every time I hear your voice! Keep being kind, compassionate and positive! You make StaRN exceptional!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"


Kim Leary, Dallas

"Kim is incredibly patient and always willing to assist, teach and take time out to help team members in any way she can. She exemplifies what HealthTrust is about and I look forward to continuing to learn from and work beside her."


Christopher Barretta, 

"Christopher has been a saint during the Annual Update process. He is quick to respond to emails and is very helpful at all times. It is nice knowing that he is so reachable and pleasant about everything. Thanks for all you do!"


Julie Lewis, 
Accounts Receivable

"I wanted to take the time to recognize Julie Lewis for all of her hard work and dedication. Julie has taken on multiple AR projects and put in the time to complete them. You are very knowledgeable and an amazing co-worker. The team is very lucky to have you."


Melada Bojic, West Florida

"Melada has been a fast learner since the beginning. Her co-workers look up to her for advise and back up whenever they have questions or issues that arise. She has displayed a tremendous amount of hardworking qualities in the past years, never giving up and always pushing herself and the team forward. She has been helping us with payroll issues by being the liaison between our nurses, our team and the payroll department in Sunrise. She has also been very involved in the meet and greet process, learning the ropes and proving quality customer service to our new nurses coming though the onboarding process. Always ready to jump into action, Melada's fearless personality has brought the staffing team to the next level and we are all so lucky to have her among us. Thank you Melada for being an awesome team player for HWS and a great co-worker/friend to all of us. You rock!"


Alejandro Villete, Travel

"Alejandro has been exceptional with his ability to cross function as a team. He is readily available to help when plausible. Alejandro is showing great growth in his knowledge of the travel concept of recruitment. I appreciate that Alejandro helps maintain my workflow while I am out of the office. He displays a kind work ethic to me personally. Thanks Alejandro!"


Chantal Lamay, MSP

"Chantal is always such a big help. She steps up to the plate before being asked to do something. She goes the extra mile in helping the team. Chantal is an amazing team player and we are extremely lucky to have her on our team!"


Jordan Blanchett, Marketing

"Jordan stepped up to the plate to help StaRN create, edit and design more than 50 training documents under an extremely tight deadline, all because she recognized the importance of the request that was made of her. She demonstrated a high level of understanding as to how her work would ultimately help the business educate more new nurses. Thank you Jordan!"


Amber Ratkowski, Travel

"I spoke with one of Amber's nurses and he said she is the best recruiter ever. He said she really cares about me and she is not just my recruiter - she is my friend. I also think she did a great job managing up. I have only met Amber once I believe and he said, 'Oh Amber said you’re really great and that I would like talking to you, she said you are really nice.' I don’t report this to toot my horn but this is the type of collaboration that makes a great time. No silos, no 'we vs. they.' This is what partnership looks like. I love it! Keep it up Amber!"


Karrel Ming, Administration

"I recently went out on maternity leave and there was a lot still going on with HWS's efforts on Disaster Response with HCA. My AmEx Meeting Card was the sole card for all of the lodging expenses for deployed nurses... so there was a lot of expenses to deal with and process. Karrel helped me get all of the expense reports categorized correctly so that the payments could be made while I was out on leave. Without her support, I would have been wrapped up in days of work while still being on leave."


Denise Richardson, Travel

"Denise has been instrumental in assisting me from the time I got to HealthTrust. She goes above and beyond, and answers any questions asked plus more! She is very appreciative for the leads she gets and expresses that in the most humble ways! Denise is always making HealthTrust GREAT!"


April Forcier, IT&S

"April, thank you for being so helpful and readily available! I appreciate everything you do."


Sherice Sealey, Travel

"Whenever Sherice gets a new file, she is on top of it right away. She communicates with the traveler on what they will need in order to start on time and makes them feel comfortable and at ease. We appreciate you Sherice and keep up the good work!"


Lauren Maguire, West Florida

"A nurse was in for orientation and praised Lauren for all her assistance in onboarding. She truly goes above and beyond to help our nurses!"


Patrick Pridgeon, IT&S

"If you look up Patrick in the dictionary you will get the definition of a team player who goes above and beyond each and every day. Patrick is always willing to help and he is the ultimate team player... Thank You Pat for all you do."


Babatunde Santana, Dallas

"T! You're killing it here on the Dallas travel Team! you're growing and learning SO fast! from your jokes, to great attitude! We love having you part of this team!"


Ryan Van Heijzen, IT&S

"Ryan has made a SOLID impression on all of us at the HealthTrust Help Desk... He is an asset to this company and will be for years to come."


Ruddy Rodriguez, IT&S

"Ruddy you are amazing...The way you have grown in the short time you have been here gives motivation to all around you...Keep it up Ruddy...SOLID."


Nicole Gonzalez, Staffing

"In less than a year, Nicole has mastered the art of jumping through hoops with amazing success. She always has a smile on her face, can get the answer to any query in a flash and keeps it all together so we are always on target. She is a pleasure to work with and a true asset to our team."


Raysa Sanabria, Dallas

"She has done an amazing job growing into a Regional Recruiter. She provides excellent communication to both her candidates and team members. Stays very organized and on top of her assignments and tasks. She is also an outstanding teacher and mentor. I've learned so much from her in such a short time period. She helps me enjoy my job that much more! Great job Raysa! You're doing an outstanding job!"


Yarelis Padilla, Contracts

"Thank you for always answering questions, and assisting with any issues. I really appreciate the support."


Melina Fernandez, StaRN

"Melina is amazing. She manages all the StaRN residents during their preceptorship and ensures they continue to receive the support we offer. She works closely with the residents, StaRN instructors and Regional Program Directors within the StaRN program and often works late hours to ensure all pieces of the puzzle fall into place. The success of our program is dependent on all our services coming together and Melina plays a big role in this process. At any one time she is scheduling and communicating with numerous clinical instructors, ensuring that all our residents have the needed support during their preceptorship. In addition, she ensures that the residents’ weekly evaluations are completed and follows-up with instructors and Regional Program Directors to verify the residents are progressing as they should. In 2018, Melina coordinated support for over 4700 residents. Amazing! She is greatly appreciated!"


Katrise Roman, Credentialing

"I've communicated with Katrise through notes in the past, but just had the pleasure of speaking to her over the phone for the first time a few days ago. She was so very sweet, helpful, and knowledgeable!"


Jennifer Makatura, 
West Florida

"I get compliments from nurses on how nice Jennifer is on the phone. She truly cares about our nurses and does everything to assist them. She is a gem! You can call her anytime and she will go above and beyond to assist."


Lashoi Gayle, 
Accounts Payable

"Lashoi Gayle is a dedicated employee of the AP Department. She always goes above and beyond and is a team player. Many have been the recipient of her knowledge. I am thankful to you Lashoi for your kindness and AP acumen. You are always willing and eager to assist us. Thanks for making AP a great place to work."


Beth Nardine, StaRN

"Beth is a dedicated Manager/Instructor! Outstanding instructor that always shows compassion. Beth is always available to assist instructors. Thank you for your strong skills, compassion and kindness! Keep smiling, keep shining!"


Steven Busacca, Recruitment

"Steven has been super helpful to me ever since I started working here. He makes HealthTrust a great working environment. He is a very hard worker and always answers all of my questions, and he is also so positive and extremely patient. I have to say working with Steven has been a pleasure!"


Tanya Fleurissant, 

"Tanya has been the most helpful person the past couple of weeks. Every time a call goes through to credentialing, she answers with pep and with an urge to help. No matter what gets thrown her way, she does her absolute best to resolve the problem. Thank you for your help, Tanya! You're the best!"


Kristina Diaz, MSP

"Kristina is one of Tenet's top producing onboarding specialist. I appreciate her dedication to supporting the PMO as she oversees several LOB, and is always responsive and ready to help! Thank you for all you do Kristina!"


Pilar Morris, West Florida

"Pilar has been a great asset to HWS since she started with the company a few many moons ago. She started with the staffing team and now works in Onboarding. She is very pleasant and friendly not only with our nurses but also with her co-workers. Always willing to help when needed, she has been a huge help for the staffing team during confirmation time. If staffing runs into difficulties trying to bring someone to full placement, they call Pilar to check on the file and expedite any issues that need to be fixed during confirmations and she also helps staffing by calling nurses whenever we have a busy day. She works on all of these tasks while completing her own job in onboarding!! Isn't she awesome? For these and many other reasons, Pilar deserves recognition for her hard work in making HWS a great place to work for all of us. Thank you Pilar!"


Leah Hale, Nashville

"I want to take the time to recognize Leah for this past year. She has really flourished in her onboarding specialist role through all the changes we have thrown at her. Thank you for being you, Leah!"


Hunter Davis, Education

"I cannot express how much myself and team appreciate Hunter. It doesn't matter how busy he is or how many times I call he is always outgoing and helpful. He is such a huge asset to the education team!"


Mary Coniglio, West Florida

"Just wanted to thank Mary for her strong commitment to quality and for the all the support she offers the staffing team every day. She helps the team with local contracts throughout the year and specially during high season. She coaches every new team with her expertise, she is one of our main contacts with the local vendors, the facilities reach out to her for assistance with different subjects (good or bad) etc etc... To be honest, I think we all reach out to Mary because we know that she will get things done.  We are so lucky and grateful to have her! Thank you Mary for all your hard work! It never goes unnoticed."


Gabriel Moreno, Recruitment

"Gabriel is a pleasure to work with. He has provided great candidates, understands the needs of our internal clients, and has an excellent response time."


Chelsey Markowitz, 

"Since Chelsey took her new position, I felt that she was phenomenal at customer service, internally (with me an RR) and to my nurses. She is always happy to help and to answer any questions. I love working with her!"


Gabriel Moreno, Recruitment

"Gabriel & I have developed a great working relationships to give candidates the best possible experience. Gabriel is incredibly responsive to calls & emails so our candidates can be provided answers and information quickly. Gabriel provides clarity of expectations and guidance on process and candidates which make searches much more direct. I look forward to continuing to work with Gabriel to identify great candidates."


Rebekah Binns, Dallas

"Rebekah consistently follows up with my candidates and ensures that they are meeting deadlines and staying on track with their onboarding documents. She keeps me in the loop, as the recruiter and communicates consistently. I appreciate that she always go above and beyond to ensure she gets my candidates are in and out of the process as fast as possible in order to get to work! Thanks Rebekah!"


Jason Gleicher, IT&S

"Jason always goes above and beyond for his teammates. We work in separate departments but anytime I give him a call or ask for his assistance, he is there to lend a helping hand. I can always count on Jason to get the job done! Thank you Jason for everything you do! It's much appreciated."


Sherice Sealey, Travel

"Sherice is always so helpful and gets all her files cleared with ease. I love her sense of urgency and appreciate all the hard work she does on a daily basis. This job can be stressful at times but she always has a smile on her face."


Fabiola Charles, MSP

"I just wanted to let you know how much Fabiola Charles went above and beyond at 7:30 am a couple times lately. She helped eliminate first day start issues and helped for the nurse to start as scheduled. Very helpful."


LeNorris Wise, Sourcing

"This guy goes above and beyond for me! Always giving me amazing candidates to put on assignment with and screening them fabulously! He is hard worker, and makes sure to pay it forward! LeNorris, you're rocking it! So glad I met you!"


Kenneth Gonzalez, Dallas

"Kenny goes above and beyond! He has only been here for a couple of months and he has PICKED IT UP and ROCKED IT! He always has great positive energy to spread to the office even though he gets here at 4 AM! We are thankful for his drive, and positive attitude everyday!"


Luis Navas, IT&S

"I just wanted to publicly make it known how much Luis has done for HWS and HCA. Prior to Luis the Service Desk was a team of 2 who were kept in a closet with no access for users to come to. Luis has made so many improvements I can't even begin to list them all. Luis has made coming to work a pleasure. Thank You Boss Man."


Suzanne Rodriguez, 

"Suzanne is incredible! She knows what I'm thinking and is often taking care of things before being asked. She is superb with our nurses, always able to convince them of the great opportunity she is presenting to them and she is determined to track down any hospital Director to get the answer we need. She is passionate, dedicated, loyal and committed and someone I can always count on to follow through. Suzanne is a pleasure to work with."


Diana Cevallos, StaRN

"Diana is a joy to work with. Her energy is contagious and she consistently meets and often exceeds expectations. She engages the StaRN residents and provides them a strong foundation as new nurses with HCA. I am glad to have her on our team! She embodies our values at HCA by recognizing and affirming the unique and intrinsic worth of her colleagues and the StaRN residents. Diana treats all with compassion and kindness. She acts with absolute honesty, integrity and fairness. And, Diana trusts her colleagues as valuable members and treats others with loyalty, dignity and respect. Diana, you are GREAT!"


Julia Thorby, MSP

"Julia is always so pleasant to work with. She recently spent time to help a team member that is outside of her client program and taught her how to handle billing hard-stops. She did this without being instructed and simply because she knew she could help. We could use more Julia Thorbys."



Preston Pearson, Sourcing

"What can I say. We have this dynamite TEAM WORK! You take direction and advice very well. You are always ready to learn and take action. You communicate daily and ready and give it your all. Thank you for all you do and for making me enjoy my role every day."


February 2019

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Lyndsey Laurie, West Florida

"Lyndsey is such an asset to our onboarding team. She is knowledgeable, friendly and consistent. She always goes above and beyond for her nurses and the internal staff. She is used as a resource from all departments. She makes work fun and enjoyable!"


Lisa Ciasca, Accounts Payable

"Lisa has been a guiding light to new AP team members as well as a rock for existing members. She is always willing to offer assistance to other team members in need of advice or with vendor calls. She makes this department a light and fun place to work while pushing our professional growth. Thank you so much Lisa for everything you've done and continue to do!"


Jason Haacke, Education

"As the HealthStream expert, Jason has spent countless hours with the core design team explaining how the HealthStream system works. His insights have helped the team understand how to make the upcoming automatic updates into Workforce 2.0 work properly. His in-depth knowledge has been instrumental in the progress the team has made. I'm looking forward to the improvement it will help deliver in our onboarding and candidate maintenance processes."


Samantha Jammes, 

"Had the pleasure of speaking with Samantha on the phone yesterday to get a credential confirmed and she was so pleasant and kind! Her customer service is excellent. Thank you for your hard work and amazing attitude, Sam!"


Brandi Vines, Dallas

"Brandi is an exceptional leader. She is passionate about what we do and it shows in her work ethic and in how she leads her team. Brandi is constantly working to create a positive, cohesive, and engaged culture here in Dallas. She encourages our ideas and challenges us to make every day a bit better than the last. She firmly believes that every day we push to be better as a team results in another day that a patient is able to receive exceptional healthcare."


Samantha Jordan, Nashville

"Sammi's attitude and willingness to help is amazing. She is always willing to jump in and assist the team when needed, and always has a smile on her face when doing so. We are all so lucky to have her as an onboarder."


Jennifer Bridge, Denver

"I would like to nominate Jennifer Bridge. She is always very helpful, dedicated, and supportive. She always tries to find the best resolution for all team members."


Brittany Trujillo, StaRN

"Brittany goes above and beyond to help all her colleagues. She is always looking at ways to improve and addresses areas of opportunities with her managers. She is innovative and a natural visionary. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she spreads it to her colleagues and our new graduates in the StaRN program. I enjoy working with Brittany and truly appreciate her."


Ryan Van Heijzen, IT&S

"Ryan is awesome! Ryan's follow-up and follow-through are commendable traits that make our company GREAT. We admittedly have many help-desk related needs (comes with the job) and we greatly appreciate how patient and supportive the help desk reps are. Whether routing our customers properly to our department or helping the team with day-to-day technical crises, we appreciate the help desk and the support they provide."


Jeremy Moore, Houston

"Jeremy treats all of our candidates with great respect and care and makes them feel valued as the people that they are. The most amazing thing about him is the excellent customer service he shows to our candidates is the exact same level of care that he gives to his coworkers. Jeremy - it is truly a pleasure and an honor to work with you. You give me inspiration and insight every day. Thanks for being you!"


Jessica Ochoa, Houston

"Since Jessica has come on board, she has helped streamline the local contract process for us. She has worked diligently to create great relationships with her hospital administrators to improve the turnaround time in getting candidates interviewed so we can expedite the offer & acceptance process to get the candidates working! I am so grateful to have her on the team and appreciate everything she has to offer!"


Thadius Sankey, Travel

"Thadius is a great team player and a pleasure to work with. He is dedicated, hardworking, and follows through on anything while I am traveling throughout the facilities and answers any questions I have when following up with directors in a timely fashion. Thadius is a perfect example of what makes HealthTrust great!"


Jaslynn Bavota, MSP

"Since my start on the team, Jas has helped me in more ways then 1. She has helped me understand process, has answered any questions I ask, and has demonstrated the definition of GREAT! Thank you Jas for all of your help and feedback."


Sulaiman Mohammed, 
Accounts Payable

"JR has always been a great help. No matter how busy he is, JR takes the time out of his busy day to help me with whatever I need help with. There is no other way to say it, we would be lost without you. Thanks for always being willing to lend a hand. You are so great to work with!"


Hakeeme Barker, Travel

"Hakeeme Barker was an awesome associate recruiter and progressed to an even better travel recruiter. He provides awesome customer service, feedback and a helping hand to his teammates. He is definitely an asset to the team and happy to have him on board."


Amy Orial, West Florida

"From our first conversation, I knew Amy would be a joy to work with. She always maintains a professional and positive attitude. As the 'Boots on the Ground,' she’s very skilled at building relationships, getting answers and providing feedback to help us grow. Amy is simply amazing!!"


Eddie Parizek, MSP

"After 20+ years of staffing/leading, Eddie still ensures every client interaction is handled with finesse. Below is a recent comment from one of the leaders at Mission Health: 

'Your customer service is exceptional, an art that has been lost in so many areas.'

We can all learn from Eddie."


Preston Pearson, Sourcing

"Thank you for always coming to work daily with your A game. You are ready to hunt, to source and to get things done. You communicate and always take notes and constructive criticism. Thank you for your hard work and team work. You are my MVP."


Gustavo Moran, Travel

"What can I say, Well you should know... You are my favorite travel recruiter! You are always available to contact our candidates without hesitation and to engage. Thank you for your great team work and for always making the time. You are my rock star! Keep up the good work."


Charisse Leach, Education

"You are one amazing woman! I cannot thank you enough for your dedication! You went far above and beyond with all the assistance you offered me during the cohort in Corpus Christi! Thank you, you are so amazing!" 


Libby Self, StaRN

"Libby is a wonderful person and friend. She is supportive of her colleagues and only has kind words for others. As a StaRN instructor, we teach the new graduates not only nursing skills, but professionalism and Libby does a great job leading by example. She is a wonderful role model and mentor to our residents."


Sharon Spalding, MSP

"I started working off and on with Sharon for a few years now. Always the difficult facilities it seems. She has always been very professional and amazingly helpful in getting all issues resolved not only in a completely satisfying manner but quickly. This has always not only made my dealings smoother & pleasant but has made the facilities happy. She has quickly become my go to person when related to any PM issues for any facility to get things resolved. She may not always be able to fix the issue herself, but she gets me to the right person who can. She truly is someone who inspires me to do better and strive for excellence!"




Zhabib Moussignac, 
Accounts Payable

"Zhabib has always been a great help no matter what I need help with. He goes above and beyond to assist me and is an AWESOME team player! He is always very pleasant and is extremely knowledgeable. He is definitely the go to person for any question. Thank you Zhabib for all your time. You're truly an asset to the AP Team."


Kristina Diaz, MSP

"Kristina is the most amazing coworker. Your help has made my job much easier. I really appreciate your time and effort."


Janet Mihailoff, 
Project Services

"Janet has continuously demonstrated her appreciation for how important our credentialing process is to our business. For the upcoming project to automate updates from HealthStream into Workforce 2.0, she spent many dedicated hours working with the core design team to develop the framework for moving forward. Recently, at the project kickoff to begin the final stages of the project, she included representatives from all areas of the business which will be touched by this effort. Ten different departments were represented in the meeting demonstrating how impactful this effort will be. I am excited to see the end result that Janet and team are able to implement!"


Katsumi Kawano, DHP

"Katsumi is an all around great employee. She has repeatedly proven that she follows through with excellent customer service as she seeks to understand and resolve issues for her assigned candidates. Katsumi is also willing to go the extra mile, whether taking on an additional file or volunteering for special projects when needed."


Lisa Ciasca, Accounts Payable

"Lisa is a knowledgeable, dedicated team lead. She is always willing to share information and provide assistance and guidance. She normally has the exact answer to the questions I bring to her, and if she does not, she knows where or from whom you can get them. She is also very personable and approachable. It is a pleasure working with such a valuable employee and great person."


Jason Gleicher, IT&S

"You were always right there for us in the mailroom. I always appreciated your help with the printers. It was such a pleasure to work with you. You always kept us laughing!"


Thadius Sankey, Travel

"Thadius went above and beyond to help me place my first 2 nurses. He helped me search for the best fit, took his time to reach out to the hospital contact and market my candidates. Being new to the company, this type of teamwork really resonated with me."


Tikea Bowers, StaRN

"Tikea is an amazing coworker. She is very caring and helpful! Thanks for being great."


Lakeisha Daniels, Sourcing

"She was very nice and showed me a lot of things that can help me be successful in my position. She is truly a genuine person."


Susan Scott, StaRN

"It is so very wonderful that Susan appreciates everyone that works for her. She takes time out of her busy schedule to send a welcoming text or email whenever I work a cohort in her territory. It truly fills my day with knowing someone appreciates me! Thank you Susan for always being so thoughtful, kind and welcoming. You are making StaRN even more fun to work for! Please keep sending those amazing texts!"


Raysa Sanabria, Dallas

"Raysa is doing amazing! Since being promoted to Regional Recruiter, she has been on fire! We have received multiple HubSpot ratings back from her nurses and it's just 5 after 5 after 5! She is engaged, motivated, approachable, and a great team player. I am thrilled to have her on our team and look forward to her continued growth."


Kymberly Villarreal, 

"Kym has been such a team player since she has started with us. She makes sure to keep everyone in the loop of what is going on with Staffing. Kym goes above and beyond to put HealthTrust nurses to work and always provides excellent Customer Service that represents what HealthTrust stands for."


Clint Deubler, Nashville

"An excellent rating from one of our clinicians. 'Clint and his team in Nashville are very helpful and when I correspond with Clint he always acknowledges any correspondence and keeps me informed.' Thank you for all you do Clint!"


Lauren Bouvier, West Florida

"Lauren has made HWS great by always having an eager attitude to help her colleagues. Whether it's helping a nurse, a staffer or a fellow onboarder, she always goes above and beyond to extend a helping hand! She stays positive and continues to work hard day in and day out to get the job done. Thank you for all you do, Lauren. You are the best!"


Barbara Rosa-Diaz, 

"Barbara and her team understand the meaning of 'Team Work.' Barbara has unquestionably become a 'go-to' person for anyone that needs help. Barbara takes it upon herself to give exceptional support to her coworkers and seems to know exactly how to explain things. Instead of telling me where I can go to read up on the process, she explains the process herself and always makes sure I understand. I am lucky to be her coworker and part of a team that includes Barbara. She is joy to work with."


Matthew Wildenthaler, 

"Matt is a pleasant person to interact with whether a simple question is asked or detailed research needs to be done. He always shows genuine appreciation for those that help out. Our interactions usually leaves me with a smile which helps brighten my day. Thanks Matt!"


Josh Souza, Nashville

"One of Josh's IT&S clients recently reached out to provide her appreciation of Josh's hard work and said, 'I don’t know what we would do without Joshua. I’m not sure how he keeps up with our demands. His response times are greatly appreciated and he is always a pleasure to work with. - Tamara Tunstall.' Josh consistently delivers outstanding customer service and goes above and beyond for his clients. Thank you, Josh for making HealthTrust GREAT!!!"


Rebekah Binns, Dallas

"Seriously, thank you for all you do! You always communicate with me and let me know what needs to be executed. You are kind, hard working and do so much, not just for me but for everyone daily. You are very selfless and I appreciate you. Thank you for all your help and team work in the DFW office. You are a rock star!!!!"


Megan Clarkson, 
Overland Park

"Megan is SUCH a team player. She is always ready and willing to step up and help where needed. She goes the extra mile and does it all with such an amazing attitude! I know I can always go to her when I need help and she does everything she can to assist. Thank you for all your hard work, Megan! We appreciate you!"


Alejandro Villete, Travel

"In my meetings we do an exercise where we express gratitude to our fellow team members or co-workers. Today both of my PMs, Melda and Phil, recognized you! They expressed how easy it is to work with you and how respectful you are. You utilize the work flows and templates that are in place to make our day to day transactions run efficiently. They also mentioned of how friendly you are. You pick up the phone to discuss your candidates which builds the relationship between the PM and recruiter. A great relationship with a PM can make a recruiter’s business very lucrative. Thank you Alejandro for all you do! We appreciate your partnership!"


David Berg III, 
Human Resources

"David is a phenomenal partner. He goes above and beyond to make sure he supports us however he can. He has such a great attitude and work ethic. We truly appreciate all of the support you give us and our teams!"





Max Belony, Recruitment

"Max is really the driving force on our team! He is selfless, determined, persistent, and overall just an amazing team player. Since I started working here Max has gone above and beyond his responsibilities to assist with training, answering millions of questions, and just really putting integrity into every thing he does. 
Thank you Max!! You are so appreciated!"


Sulaiman Mohammed, 
Accounts Payable

"Sulaiman or as we call him JR has been a great team player over the past few months. Whenever I get hit with a project he always volunteers to help. JR goes above and beyond the scope of his duties and is meticulous with his work. He always has a smile on his face and makes sure that all of his coworkers are happy. He is truly a pleasure to work with." 


Rosangel Rivas Suarez, 
Accounts Payable

"Rosie goes above and beyond to communicate clearly so we can resolve things quickly as they arise. She is always a pleasure to work with. We are able to get things done quickly because of how responsive she is!"


Hugo Roberts, IT&S

"I was having connection issues and called the help desk. Hugo picked up and was able to assist me quickly and had me up and running in no time. Hugo exudes customer service excellence and is always a pleasure to work with. Thank you Hugo for all you do!"


Lorenza Awal, DHP

"I like to think of her as superwoman. Lorenza has a knack for helping out her teammates and being a go-to, subject matter expert in her role. She is a pleasure to be around and a true value to the DHP team."


Eric Santovenia, IT&S

"Eric is a technical whiz and a joy to work with. Eric has been dedicating countless hours to developing the design for the automating HealthStream results into Workforce 2.0. His detailed knowledge of how the credentialing process works has helped move the project along at a rapid pace. I can't wait to see the improvements it will bring to our candidate onboarding and maintenance processes!"


Kimberly Aponte, 
Accounts Receivable

"Kimberly always goes above and beyond for her team and exhibits great knowledge to her everyday tasks."


Davida Lee Sing, Travel

"Davida has an extremely approachable way about her! She is prompt and accurate. Her ability to work with clear and precise communication is key in an Associate Recruiter role and she has mastered it well."


Joi Crockett, Travel

"Joi and I have worked together for some time now. Since she has been in her current role as Director of Travel, she has been such an asset to our travel team. Her energy is genuine, she is understanding and truly caring when it comes to her employees. She motivates her employees through positivity - never undermining anyone's abilities. She recognizes and appreciates employees hard work, she is firm but flexible, and understands the importance of a work life balance. Her ability to support her employees through difficult times both in the work environment and personal life is admirable. Thanks Joi for all that you have done and continue to do!"


Olivia Cadet, Nashville

"I want to take a minute to recognize Olivia and everything she does for the Staffing Team in Nashville. She is always willing to help and figure out solutions to any problems that arise! She always gives 100% to the nurses when they call in and same goes for her team members when they need help! Thank you for all you do and being a fantastic member to the Staffing Team!"


Brittany Gibson, Dallas

"Teamwork makes the dream work and Brittany is all over it! She has been pulled in a million directions since stepping into her new role and she does it all with a smile on her face. Her positivity is infectious and I am so happy she's a part of our team."


Emily Peery, Dallas

"Emily just started working for HealthTrust a couple of weeks ago, and it's amazing how quickly she has caught on! She comes to work each day prepared and is motivated to do whatever it takes to put our nurses to work. She quickly caught on to how the staffing department works, and has been a real pleasure to train. It's very refreshing to have someone on the team that understands the importance of what we do, and seems truly committed to learning and making sure her job performance directly reflects the core values of HealthTrust. Thank you Emily. You are going to continue to be a blessing to the North Texas Office."


Rida Jabbar, Accounts Payable

"Rida has been an amazing asset to our team. She has a positive attitude and great customer service skills. Rida has always devoted herself to complete any task she receives in a timely manner and most importantly keeps our vendors very happy."


Clint Deubler, Nashville

"Clint is always a team player. A true asset to the team. He is always willing to go above and beyond for our nurses and his co-workers. Overall I would say that he's a very reliable and personable guy. I really enjoy working on the same team as him and hope to see him continue to grow with HealthTrust."


Eddie Parizek, MSP

"I recently met with the ER Team at Swedish Medical Center and the previous ER Director was asking me about Eddie and where he was now. She bragged about how wonderful and helpful he always was to the new Directors. I assured her that we have been in good hands with Matt and Zach since Eddie moved up and she replied 'those are big shoes to fill!' She thinks the world of Eddie as do I!!! Thanks for making such an impact on our clients and for bringing on wonderful people to help fill those shoes!!!"


Leyra De Los Santos, 

"Leyra De Los Santos is an exceptional employee in the credentialing department. Being a credentialing specialist is not an easy role and she always seems to manage her time well each day. Anytime I have a question, she is there to assist me. She would literally take the time out to stop what she is doing and help me with any questions or concerns that I may have."


Annabella Vazquez, 

"Thank you for always being punctual and calling our candidates. Time is very critical when it comes to successful recruiting. You always make the time to tackle all task I give you and take constructive criticism. Thank you for all your team work and all you do daily."


Jessica Galvez, Sourcing

"Thank you for always being punctual and calling our candidates. Time is very critical when it comes to successful recruiting. You always make the time to tackle all tasks I give you and take constructive criticism. Thank you for all your team work and all you do daily."


Tom Edwards, StaRN

"Thank you Tom for going above and beyond on a daily basis to ensure that each and every StaRN resident and StaRN instructor has all the appropriate equipment and supplies required for a successful cohort. Thank you so very much for always responding to our calls, texts and emails! You are a shining STAR!"


Skye Nicholson, MSP

"In my meetings we do an exercise where we express gratitude to our fellow team members or co-workers. Today Fabi recognized you! She expressed that you pay attention to detail and always go out your way to make our team aware of any issues that may cause a hiccup in compliance. In addition I added that you are personable and make the efforts to come and talk face to face rather than send an email or IM. We appreciate you and your hard work. Thank you Skye for all you do!"


Alan Ashton, Remote

"We were facing a very difficult situation at a facility in the mountain division and an employee who was somewhat unstable and unpredictable. The facility was very concerned as was I as they are great partners. Alan agreed at a moments notice to go to the facility in case the cancelled employee showed up in defiance of his cancellation. Alan really provided support to our client and his support will no doubt enhance the relationship between HWS and this client. They were and continue to express their appreciation for Alan going to the facility well after business hours to be there 'just in case.' Alan should add staffing bouncer as other skills on his resume...Thank you Alan for this and all you have contributed and will continue to contribute in the Mountain Division."




March 2019

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Beth Nardine, StaRN

"Beth has been very instrumental in assisting the Women's Services Program. She assisted with Simulation updates as well as teaching parts of our program when requested. This spirit of teamwork is exactly what the HCA family is all about. She is willing to graciously step out of her comfort zone to help a fellow manager and the program. I extend to Beth a term used in the U S Navy world 'Bravo Zulu,' which simply means 'Well Done'!!!"


Preston Pearson, 

"Preston can always find a way to bring a smile to anyone's face. He is kind, giving and always puts his best foot forward. Thank you Preston for all that you do!"


Guidie Georges, IT&S

"It is always a pleasure to contact the LSC and have Guidie answer the phone. She always speaks to you with a smile in her voice and is always happy to help. Guidie always goes above and beyond to assist me with ESAF situations. Thanks for all you do. You ROCK."


Jessica Flores, Dallas

"Jessica is amazing to work with. She puts in the hours needed to get her work completed for the team, regardless of how many hours that may be. She is always collaborative and solution oriented and SUPER reliable. Interim Leadership could not function without her!"


Juna Jacques, 
Accounts Receivable

"Shout out and much appreciation sent to my team member Juna! Her dedication to our department and to HealthTrust has been a true source of inspiration to the company and to the rest of our team and I am truly grateful."


Maureen Garringer, 

"Maureen is an amazing person and instructor. She travels across the country and represents StaRN in such a positive light everywhere she goes. Maureen is a team player, and whenever she needs assistance because something isn't right, she can be counted on to keep a calm head and work with the team to come up with a solution. I never worry when I know Maureen is going to be at a cohort. She is knowledgeable and like MacGyver with the solutions she comes up with, all while keeping a positive attitude. Thank goodness for Maureen!"


Kelly Moore, Education

"Kelly Moore is the absolute guru for Meditech training in the StaRN program. Her knowledge is second to none, and Kelly is always available to help anybody that may need it. Many a day just getting an email from her with her wonderful sense of humor can turn a day around. Knowing that Kelly is there to help with whatever we may need helps keep the stress of Meditech under control! She is amazing, and we don't thank her enough for all she does for the team and all of us individually."


Richard Auborg, IT&S

"I would like to thank Richard for his above and beyond work on the WPC project. Richard is the SME (Subject Matter Export) for team Ninja, he has been down a man for several weeks now and rather then let the project fall behind he jumped in and helped his team get the code work done. They have been putting in long hours and subject to lots of stress. But Richard has been a great leader to the team getting his hands dirty and helping them reach their goals! Thanks Richard."


Michelle Marino, 
Accounts Receivable

"Michelle is always so happy to help and offers assistance to everyone every chance she gets. She is very eager to learn new things and her energy will light up a room."


Diego Monsalve, Travel

"Diego has been very instrumental in ensuring my travelers are retained for their next assignment. Diego went above and beyond to secure travel contracts for my travelers and I am very grateful to have Diego on our team. He is also professional and exhausts all options. Mr. Monsalve is a tremendous to the Travel team."


Charles Mayas, MSP

"As we work toward a Go Live with the HealthStream Interface project, we look to the business for validation. Charles unselfishly gave up many hours of his day to sift through data for accuracy to ensure the project transition was as clean as possible. His willingness and expertise were invaluable for the task and project. Thank you Charles."


Sarah Serrano, Nashville

"Sarah is a new hire at our Nashville office. She has learned very quickly and has been willing to tackle any task with a smile. She is very engaged and offers her assistant any chance she has. What a wonderful addition to our team!"


Rachelle Cela, MSP

"I want to thank Rachelle for all your help! Rachelle is amazing as this was my first time requesting a traveler position and Rachelle was always available when I called her to discuss the process! 

I would like for her to be recognized for her guidance in the process and her communication and availability to me!"


Kymberly Villarreal, 

"Kym has been providing a helping hand, showing great customer service, and taking on any challenges with a smile on her face."


Stephen Young, StaRN

"Stephen is a dynamic instructor. He truly inspires each new nurse graduate/resident to their highest potential. Stephen has brought great enthusiasm to every resident. One of the residents was so excited to learn the importance of looking and actually speaking to the patient in a very compassionate manner. There were so many outstanding teaching points Stephen brought to the residents. Thank you for an amazing week! Your inspiration, dedication and engagement is exceptional! Thank you!"


Joshua Souza, Nashville

"I received the following 'Kudo' from one of our ITG clients based on her experience working with Josh. It's an example of how Josh treats his clients everyday. I'm so pleased to have him on the HWS team. 'I had the pleasure of having my every three-year contact with Joshua yesterday—I don’t do a lot of contracting… I wanted to take a minute today to let you know what a refreshing experience it is to work with him. Because my contact with Joshua is so infrequent, he has to re-educate me each time and he does this without me feeling like this is a burden. His explanations of the contractor process and WF2 tool are easy to understand and follow. He always makes me feel like he truly wants to help me. His enthusiasm for and enjoyment in his job comes through with every contact I have with him. He is truly an asset to your group and HCA Healthcare.'"





Gina Barry, StaRN

"Gina works endlessly to ensure perfection in the StaRN Program. Unfortunately, I had to contact her on a Sunday afternoon. The assigned hotel was not up to par and I did not feel safe in the environment. Gina quickly enlisted help and called all the local hotels to find a room for me. I am grateful that she is always there for us. Thank you for keeping me safe! I cannot thank Gina enough for creating such an amazing program and hiring top notch employees to bring forth outstanding future nurses. Thank you for the best possible job that allows me to inspire new nurses. The StaRN Program inspires me just as much as it inspires new nurse graduates. Thank you! Gina truly deserves to be recognized for the unending hours she pours into the program. Please recognize all of her GREAT attributes, StaRN is shining because of her! Thank you!"


Tim Noakes, Dallas

"Tim exemplifies what HealthTrust is about and is always willing and eager to help. His teamwork mentality and attitude are an example to all and he's quite brilliant, to boot! I really enjoy working with and learning from him and look forward to seeing his continued successes with the company." 


Sabrina Rambana, 
Accounts Receivable

"Sabrina's knowledge in her field makes it so easy to work with her. She assists with all my questions!"


Jake Brannen, Dallas

"Jake Brannen is a great coworker in every respect. He is helpful & friendly, and always makes time to ensure that I am in the loop. Jake is always ready to jump in to help me without hesitation. Thank you Jake!!"


Jonathan Akeung, 

"What an amazing young man Jonathan is! While being new to the team, he has been an absolute sponge gathering information needed to not only do his job, but help everyone else do theirs. He is a team player all the way and makes working together a joy. Keep up the great work Jonathan! We are very grateful to have you!"


Pam Rhodes, Education

"Pam is an amazing asset! She never fails to offer assistance with any issues we may have on site with our cohorts. It can be challenging to coordinate everything that is needed from Florida. Pam is never too busy to help and helps with contacts for anything we may need, all while doing her full time job. She is always so sweet and ready to offer her assistance. We greatly appreciate all your help and support!!"


Tracie Devall, Education

"What an amazing person Tracie is. Unbelievably smart, capable, funny and kind all rolled into one dynamo! She supports her staff at every turn, works hard to do the right thing and is NEVER too busy to help with anything anybody may need. She thinks through processes and is so thoughtful on her suggestions for making our process better. Tracie is willing to do whatever is needed in any aspect of our program and has demonstrated that time and time again. She is nothing short of amazing. Thank you for everything Tracie!"


Ciara Gobelman, Nashville

"We are so fortunate to have Ciara on our team here in the Nashville office. She is always willing to take on new projects and tasks! She helps staffing, travel, and so much more run smoother. Thank you Ciara for all your hard work!"


Joena Paiz, 
Accounts Receivable 

"Joena has been placing forth maximum effort to ensure she exceeds expectations on all her facilities. She is a pleasure to work with and ensures she pays attention to every small detail."


Desiree Garland, 
Perm Placement

"Desiree's dedication to her team is exemplary, she works with the team to pull out strengths some didn't even know they had within. Thanks for being our Leader."


Jennifer Doing, Recruitment

"I enjoy working with Jennifer. She is determined, helpful and just gets the job done. Our team work, and collaboration these last few months has been impeccable. I truly hope we can continue working together on finding more qualified candidates to work for HCA."


Jodi-Ann Grant, Travel

"As we work toward a Go Live with the HealthStream Interface project, we look to the business for validation. Jodi gave up many hours of her day to sift through data for accuracy to ensure the project transition was as clean as possible. Her knowledge, willingness and expertise were invaluable for the task and project. Thank you Jodi, I appreciate your sacrifice and time."


James Kendricks, 

"After being a part of HealthTrust as an office assistant for less than two months, James has demonstrated phenomenal teamwork each and everyday by his helpful nature and high level of enthusiasm. Welcome to HealthTrust, James and keep up the GREAT work! Thank you for all your daily contributions and please know your acts of kindness are not going unnoticed by our HealthTrust staff!"


Danielle Brown, MSP

"It has been a pleasure working with Danielle over the past few years. She has always been very helpful and resourceful. Even though she has been promoted to a new department, she still will send referrals to our department for those who are looking to work travel assignments. Her attitude is always positive and she definitely is an asset to the company."


Cristal Ruddy, Houston

"Cristal Ruddy is an asset is to your team. She was so helpful. She has the ability to remain professional, yet be warm and friendly. She has definitely made me happy to join the HealthTrust team."


Jaslynn Bavota, MSP

"Jas stepped up within the last month, after losing 2 team members. She had to take on more onboarding files than usual and did it without hesitation. She maintained goals, and deadlines that at times, seemed difficult to achieve, but got it done! Her teamwork, dedication, and persistence shined. Jas, THANK YOU for stepping up and getting it done! Your hard work goes unnoticed by me, and others on the team!"




Adlyne Destima, MSP

"Adlyne has always been extremely professional and goes out of her way to partner! She explains items in detail and always goes above and beyond when I needs assistance. Any time I have needed to call her, I can literally hear the smile in her voice! We have had a few 'challenging' clinicians and her partnership is always first class. Thank you Adlyne for your OUTSTANDING partnership!"


Carlos Paris Argentel, 

"Carlos has always assisted me and some other of my colleague with any IT related concerns. Carlos is prompt with responses, friendly and always with a great attitude. I love the professionalism!"


Julie Lewis, 
Accounts Receivable

"Julie is an amazing co-worker. She never hesitates to help with any questions (and there are many) that we ask about. If she does not know the answers, she will point us to the right direction. She continuously shares best practices and processes and always responds in a timely manner. She takes great pride in her work and it shows day in and day out. My team as well as our client are blessed that she is part of our team.


Marc Williams, 
Accounts Receivable

"Whenever you need something, he's the first to offer to help you out. If it's something he doesn't personally handle it himself, he will find the person who should and follow up to make sure the person helped."


Christina Lombardo, 

"Christina has been with StaRN for a very short time, and from the very beginning, she has been engaged, encouraging and so supportive of not only her team, but everybody she comes in contact with. Christina has grasped the new position and made it her own while supporting her team very step of the way. No matter what might be happening, you can always count on Christina to use her best judgement while keeping her wonderful sense of humor. What am amazing addition to the team she is!"


Andrid Gonzalez-Vinas, 

"What a joy it is to work with Andrid! Her positive spirit shines in everything she does! What she knows, she shares and trains others without complaint. What she doesn't know, she seeks information and training for. All while encouraging the entire team and working to make processes better for everyone. She focuses on what is good for not only her team, but the overall department. Her dedication to being better each and every day is something to be admired. And what a lovely spirit she has! It is a rare combination, and we are blessed to have her on the team!"


Danielle De Rosa, 
Accounts Receivable

"Danielle, thank you for being such an 'AWESOME' colleague. Your dedication to AR means a lot. Also, you have a one of a kind personality which no one can replace."


Marly Hall, Nashville

"Marly is a such a joy to work with. She always has a smile on her face and a helping hand! She is always willing to help you with something if you ask. We are so lucky to have her in this office."


Marly Hall, Nashville

"Marly has been a great asset to the operations team over the last year. She is helpful in every way needed in all projects. She goes above and beyond to help when needed - and always will do it with a smile on her face. I'm so glad we have her a part of the team in Nashville!"


Kimberly Aponte, 
Accounts Receivable

"Kimberly had made an exceptional effort to bring the A/R team together and has created a very productive work space. Her leadership skills has made an impact on the teams ability to increase productivity."


Valerie Durity, 
Accounts Receivable

"Valerie is the most kind and sweetest person that I have met at HealthTrust. If I have a question in regards to the nurse cancellations, you are always there to assist me. Thank you for being very patient and easy to work with."


Dwayne Richards, MSP

"As we work toward a Go Live with the HealthStream Interface project, we look to the business for validation. Dwayne gave up many hours of his day to assist with the tedious task of sifting through data for accuracy to ensure the project transition data was as clean as possible. His willingness and expertise were invaluable for the task and project. Thank you Dwayne."


Makenna Lambert,  

"Makenna was recently hired by HWS. She has been very eager to learn and remained positive throughout her training. She recently volunteered to take on an auditing project to assist the per diem staffing team. We are so happy to have her energy and collaborative attitude on our team!"


Carlos Paris Argentel,  

"Carlos came to my department to address an issue several of us were having. He not only ensured the issue was resolved, but he stayed at my desk until he knew everything was back-up and running. He was awesome!"


Anitra Mortimer, Travel

"Anitra is a great recruiter and also a great person in general. She is always so helpful whenever I had any questions. I always appreciate that she always checks in to see how I am doing and genuinely interested. She is a great friend and a great co-worker."


Kristina Diaz, MSP

"We lost 2 team members within the same week, and Kristina never missed a beat. Not only did she take on more onboarding files, with a positive attitude, but she did it while maintaining goals and deadlines. Her positive attitude and persistence really helped to ensure her success. Kristina, THANK YOU for your hard work, dedication and teamwork. Your work never goes unnoticed, and I thank you for being a part of my team!"


Shakira Skinner, Travel

"Shakira is always pleasant and easy to work with. During a recent software upgrade that affected both our departments, I was able to team with Shakira and her department in order to help facilitate continuation of the business workflow. Thank you for your hard work during this process."





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