Customer Care:
Hours: 6:30 am to 6:00 pm EST
P: 954-514-1440
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Credentialing File Clearance and Escalations:

Sashana Palmer 

Credentialing - Team Lead
P: 954-514-1231


Katsumi Kawano
Onboarding - Team Lead
P: 954-514-6607


Customer CARE Support

Tracy Valcourt
Customer CARE Call Center – Team Lead
P: 954-514-1406


Expired Credentials

Rhonda White - Team Lead

P: 954-880-6612



Intake/Registration – Company/Delegate/Facility Enrollments

Katie Tierney
Customer CARE Registration – Team Lead
P: 954-514-1262


eSAF Team

Lorenza Awal

P: 954-514-1466

eSAF Customer Support

Annette Rosado

P: 954-514-1440

eSAF Customer Support


Account Director, Client Services
Michele Roellig
P: 954-610-3953
Preferred Communication: