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Per Diem & Local Contract

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Victor A.
5/5 Rating for Roslyn Gibbs

"Miss Gibbs answered all my questions about PRN Per Diem RN job, she explained to me all I needed to know. She was very kind and patient, very helpful."


Jessica C.
5/5 Rating for Ivanna Kaufman

"Very professional, promptly answered text messages and emails, and courteous!"


Natalie M.
5/5 Rating for Joann Liria

"Very personable and easy to talk to. Answered all my questions and was very helpful."


Henry H.
5/5 Rating for Roslyn Gibbs

"Our talk was clear & easily understood."


Ernzie J.
5/5 Rating for Layana Watts

"Ms. Watts was very professional yet warm. She was thorough in her explanations and patient with my questions. After speaking to her, I had a better understanding of the position."


Ryan M.
5/5 Rating for Tina Jackson

"She was nice!!"


Chipo C.
5/5 Rating for Jessica Galvez-Alsawi

"Great interactions thus far."


Liz C.
5/5 Rating for Murphy Brazzell

"Murphy and the Nashville team are very polite and helpful. They work hard to fill our needs and are always willing to help when I have questions!!"


Christina S.
5/5 Rating for Joann Liria

"It was very nice speaking with Joann. She was very informative and answered all of my questions before I could even ask. I'm more interested in the position I applied for and looking forward to a pleasant experience."


Margaret M.
5/5 Rating for Lakeisha Daniels

"Lakeisha is a very professional recruiter. She took time to explain to me all the current openings at HCA and what each position entails. She also allowed me to ask questions and addressed all my concerns. Thank you Lakeisha!"


Fermin C.
5/5 Rating for Layana Watts

"Layana was informative and easy to talk with. She was pleasant, and answered all my questions."


Babajide A.
5/5 Rating for Juliana Osorio

"The interaction was pleasant, insightful, concise, and clear."


Rita S.
5/5 Rating for Roslyn Gibbs

"She is thorough, and pleasant to speak with."




Karen J.
5/5 Rating for Raysa Sanabria

"Very detailed on the process of the traveling credentialing and expectations of the process of coming on board."


Naomi R.
5/5 Rating for Juliana Osorio

"She was able to make me feel comfortable and not just like another number. I have had interactions with many other nursing agencies, and they are so hard to trust. I felt like Juliana was upfront from the beginning. I don't want to be sold or feel like I'm being given a wrong deal. I really appreciate her honesty and friendly demeanor."


Shazetta L.
5/5 Rating for Andria Boyden & Lakeisha Daniels

"Contact was professional by each. They were very informative about the organization and the position to include rates and growth /advancement potential with in the company. My questions were readily answered with ease and to my satisfaction."


Misty C.
5/5 Rating for Juliana Stapleton

"I frequently ask tons of questions when booking my shifts and I know it probably drives them crazy. But Julie is always above and beyond with answering those questions and making sure I book at the spot that best fits my preferences. She’s both kind and professional. Thank you, Julie!!"


Tasha P.
5/5 Rating for Michelle Paredes

"Michelle was pleasant and communicated the details of the nursing opportunity thoroughly."


Nataly A.
5/5 Rating for Ivanna Kaufman

"Position was well descripted. All my questions were answered."


Alexis L.
5/5 Rating for Joann Liria

"Very thorough and polite!"


Zulfia D.
5/5 Rating for Roslyn Gibbs

"The recruiter was very polite and knowledgeable. She explained me everything and answered all my questions."


MaryRose P.
5/5 Rating for Ivanna Kaufman

"Ivanna was extremely helpful when explaining the hiring process and providing options that fit my schedule."


Kierra G.
5/5 Rating for Layana Watts



Wendy R.
5/5 Rating for Layana Watts

"Layana was a pleasure to speak with, she has a wonderful friendly personality. She was very professional and explained my choices well working with HealthTrust."




Carlina C.
5/5 Rating for Layana Watts

"She’s very professional with excellent customer service skills."


Steve L.
5/5 Rating for Joann Liria

"I had a great time talking with Joann. She made the experience positive and light. I had my questions answered and I feel even more excited and confident in moving forward."


Alessandra P.
5/5 Rating for Juliana Osorio

"Very helpful, answered all of my questions."


Leesha R.
5/5 Rating for Tasha Davis

"She always helps with a smile."


Lydia H.
5/5 Rating for Joann Liria

"Joann was pleasant to speak with, great personality, and very knowledgeable."


Trevor H.
5/5 Rating for Joann Liria

"She was amazing and very understanding. She didn't waste my time and was very pleasant to talk with."


Katrina T.
5/5 Rating for Joann Liria

"Joann did a great job explaining how the company works and all the benefits."


Monica L.
5/5 Rating for Lakeisha Daniels

"Very pleasant and informative."


Eman M.
5/5 Rating for Roslyn Gibbs

"I appreciate that the recruiter's company called me back after I left a voicemail regarding to opportunities for CNA positions. she was so nice and helpful in explaining the available opportunities. Great customer service."


Atiyabegum M.
5/5 Rating for Jennifer Doing

"The best place to be associated with in DFW area."


Ashley L.
5/5 Rating for Roslyn Gibbs

"She was very informative and very very helpful!"


Jennifer V.
5/5 Rating for Monica Gallego

"Monica was a delight to talk to, she’s so nice and polite,warm and professional at the same time. I enjoyed our conversation - it was like talking to an old friend."


Jorge R.
5/5 Rating for Raysa Sanabria

"My first impression after speaking to Raysa was excellent, she is a very professional person, very respectful, always listening to what you have to say, asking if you have any doubt or concern before moving on, she makes sure that you feel comfortable during the interview."



Permanent Placement

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Pamela M.
5/5 Rating for Alexis Lamoni

"Very cheerful, encouraging and gave wonderfully helpful and hopefully successful interviewing tips even for people who have interviewed many times. Greatly appreciated and a confidence builder as times and interviewing questions and expectations do change. Thankful for new ways to successfully highlight my best in the ways the employers are presently looking to hear."


Edmunds B.
5/5 Rating for Alexis Lamoni

"Alexis is extremely supportive. She asked evocative questions, was an active listener, and provided insightful feedback. The job search process in itself is daunting- Alexis was empathetic to both my nervousness and excitement about starting my career as a nurse. I felt that she answer each of my many many questions with honesty and enthusiasm, what she could not answer on the spot , she researched and contacted me shortly there after with an answer and with continued enthusiasm. Her attitude throughout this process has been professional, energetic and comforting. Her patience and thoroughness makes it evident that she enjoys her role in connecting people wit the right organization. Relocating is a big step and in my case the first one in my new career. Alexis's genuine concern, and thoughtfulness definitely eased the process. It has been my absolute pleasure to work with Ms Lamoni and I will be recommending her to others in my cohort."


Laura O. 
5/5 Rating for Christine Ortino

"Christine communicated via email about a role which I didn't see in workforce. When i brought it to her attention it was quick to get resolved - I presented a qualified talent and she managed the process to a placement with ease! This was my first experience working with Christine and I'm eager to assist with more placements - especially with this client!"


Linda P. 
5/5 Rating for Lakeisha Daniels

"It’s very apparent that Lakeisha loves what she does. She took her time explaining what the company offered as well as what the position was. Lakeisha was very engaged in making sure the position fit what I was looking for. Thank you Lakeisha!"


Shanice S. 
5/5 Rating for Lakeisha Daniels

"Professional and friendly! Looking forward to becoming a part of the team!"


Chris S. 
5/5 Rating for Heba & Natasha

"They are all fantastic and I look forward to additional opportunities for participation that will include travel and local per diem in addition to the perm placement that we are already active in."



Wisline E. 
5/5 Rating for Alexis Lamoni

"Alexis was very relatable and made the screening easy."


Elise T. 
5/5 Rating for Lakeisha Daniels

"Lakeisha was very pleasant on the phone, I could understand her clearly, she answered all of my questions, and gave detailed information on the position. She knew of the hospital system that I previously had worked at which made me feel good."


Lindsey R. 
5/5 Rating for Lakeisha Daniels

"Lakeisha was extremely friendly and relatable and cared about each question I had."


Rose N. 
5/5 Rating for Alexis Lamoni

"Alexis was very warm and friendly and made it very easy to communicate. She had a clear understanding of the entire process and was able to give proper directives."


Nataliia P. 
5/5 Rating for Alexis Lamoni

"Great interview preparation. Very helpful and encouraging!"





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Susan S.
4/5 Rating for Carrie Doss

"'I appreciate Carrie Doss who was very prompt to answer any questions. Carrie is also personable as well as helpful."


Guilaine I.
5/5 Rating for Tammy Quiles

"'Tammy is an awesome individual that has a lot of passion for what she does. She's always there when needed and she's a very kind employee. I am so lucky to have her as my travel recruiter."


Denysa W.
5/5 Rating for Ashley Parker

"She's always there for me."



Eve W.
5/5 Rating for Megan Nyer

"Megan is absolutely the BEST !!!!! I refer ALL my nurse friends to her that are interested in travel nursing careers! She takes excellent care of me! The process can really be tedious & cumbersome BUT Megan makes it EASIER to get through with a smile."


Elizabeth P.
5/5 Rating for Ashley Parker

"Has always done her best and worked hard to see that I am happy. She gets to know you and treats you as a friend not just someone that works for the company. I have worked with HealthTrust since it was called HCA-All about staffing, I was with one recruiter for over 8 years and when I had to change was very upset for as a seasoned traveler its very hard to get what you want and don't want across to a new person. Ashely just fell into her role with ease and professionalism . She is an asset to her team."





Sheilla W.
5/5 Rating for Tammy Quiles

"One of the most hands on recruiter I have ever worked with. Goes to miles to make sure your transition to a new assignment is smooth. Always listening whenever you have a problem or have a suggestion to make. She is more than a recruiter but a friend. And I thank her for that. I am at Reston hospital and she made it easy for me to come in and start work without trouble. When I doubt something, she had a solution."


Carlos M.
5/5 Rating for Ashley Parker

"Always willing to help, responds to concerns in a timely manner, going above and beyond to keep her customers happy! KUDOS Ashley!!"


Sentorra H.
5/5 Rating for Ashley Parker

"She's always there when I need her, very knowledgeable about the job & always professional!"




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Jillian E. 
5/5 Rating for Katie Tierney

"Katie Tierney has been extremely helpful and tentative to every need in the process getting a large group of staff credentialed. I cannot thank her enough for making a negative initial experience very positive."








Education & StaRN

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Shirlene B.  
5/5 Rating - Orlando & Gainesville Cohorts

"Everyone was professional, welcoming and helpful." 





inSight Advisory Services

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Interim Leadership

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Locum Tenens

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Verified Professionals

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Administration & Corporate

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Ethan C.  
5/5 Rating for Finance

"Kelly Felix has been a very helpful account rep and she has been on the ball with everything."




Laura E.  
5/5 Rating for Finance

"I had a great call with Kelly Felix, the Vendor Accounts Payable Specialist. She was very patient with all my questions and she even gave me a break down on how to use the 2.0 site better. I enjoyed our call and I look forward to working with her. Thanks Kelly!"