Inside Our Associate Recruiter Training Program

HealthTrust Workforce Solutions on Aug 1, 2017 9:49:55 AM


At HealthTrust Workforce Solutions, one of our core values is innovation, which at times means looking outside of workforce management veterans for fresh perspectives on how to guide our clinicians to successful careers.

Many of our new Associate Recruiters come to us from outside of the healthcare staffing industry but possess a deep passion for improving the lives of others. To give each of these new recruits a level starting ground, we’ve developed and implemented a robust six-week Associate Recruiter training program to lay the foundation for their own future success. While the training is intensive, it is not meant to be intimidating.

“Your background doesn’t have to be from healthcare, but your passion has to be in healthcare,” says Vice President of Recruitment Lisa Acevedo, who oversees the Associate Recruiters. “We’re committed to helping you reach your career aspirations, whatever they may be.”

The program teaches our Associates the valuable skills necessary to become successful recruiters through fun, interactive activities:

  • In Week One, they become familiar with HealthTrust and with our parent company, HCA. All Associates are also paired with a buddy, who offers guidance and support throughout the first six months of their tenure.
  • For Week Two, the Associates learn how to cultivate professional relationships with their candidates. They also engage in roleplay and shadow our more seasoned recruiters to see our best practices in action.
  • Week Three involves becoming familiar with our lead generation tools, and they begin sourcing calls while receiving feedback from their buddies.
  • The Associate Recruiters spend the remainder of their first six weeks generating leads and engaging with candidates.

These Associate Recruiters complete the training having built lasting relationships with their peers, with their buddies, and with their candidates.

“We’re big on the candidate experience,” says Lisa. “We’re creating something special.”

The new Associates also develop a strong confidence in their professional abilities. Within a year of coming onboard, many of our Associate Recruiters are promoted to other roles, taking with them the strong foundation they built through the training program.

Pictured above are many of our HealthTrust team members who have completed the Associate Recruiter training as well as their supervisor, Lisa Acevedo (front row, left). Although they may now work in different departments, they continue to cultivate their relationships with each other through team building activities, such as this bowling event.

If you are interested in becoming an Associate Recruiter, please click here to join our talent network.

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