Colorado Care Teams Take a 'Sacred Pause' to Honor Patients

HealthTrust Workforce Solutions on Aug 13, 2021 3:08:28 PM

Dog 4During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic last year when visitation at hospitals was restricted, the caring staff Presbyterian Saint Luke's Hospital (PSL), which is based in Denver, Colorado, sought to find an incredible way to honor the patients, who had passed away, especially those who did not have family by their side. "We knew that we did not want anyone to die alone," said Laura-Anne Cleveland, an associate chief nursing officer at PSL. "That is always our commitment, but more so when they [patients] couldn’t have visitors at their bedside." So, to help colleagues find peace after a patient passes away, medical staff now gathers in a circle to read a special message created by an unknown ER nurse.

To see the full story on ABC 7 Denver, click here.

Topics: Healthcare, COVID-19


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