Filling Key Roles Amidst a Global Pandemic

HealthTrust Workforce Solutions on Nov 5, 2020 12:46:53 PM


In ASA Staffing's recent article titled "Staffing Through The Pandemic", Shaun McCamant, HealthTrust Workforce Solutions' Chief Nursing Officer, shared her perspective on how HWS met rapidly changing staffing needs during COVID-19. Whether it was introducing a variety of new, flexible assignment durations or moving the corporate staff 100 percent remote, Shaun McCamant described how HealthTrust Workforce Solutions adapted to COVID-19, met continuous demand surges for nurses, and kept corporate staff motivated to provide the highest level of ongoing support.

"We look at the John Hopkins data daily. We look at the needs across our company to see what everybody is doing. We look at satisfaction rates. We look at our vendors and our partners in the community to see what we can do to enhance the things they are doing." - Shaun McCamant

Through an unwavering commitment to increased patient care, HealthTrust Workforce Solutions has been able to make a direct impact in communities across the country in the fight against COVID-19. Click here to view the full article and to read how HealthTrust Workforce Solutions made critical changes to enhance organizational success. 

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