HealthTrust Hero: Melda Peterkin

HealthTrust Workforce Solutions on Apr 13, 2017 9:51:23 AM

HealthTrust Hero Melda PeterkinMSP Program Manager Melda Peterkin is our second corporate HealthTrust Hero!

Melda’s role is to fill the travel nurse vacancies at HCA hospitals in North and West Florida. She accomplishes this through frequent communications with approved staffing vendors, HealthTrust's travel recruitment department, and the healthcare facilities she works on behalf of. 

One of these vendors felt compelled to share how Melda’s cheerful demeanor, solid expertise, and unrivaled commitment to customer service makes HealthTrust Workforce Solutions a pleasure to conduct business with.

“The nomination was very special because it came from a vendor,” Melda says with a smile.  “It’s someone who doesn’t see me on a regular basis but still felt the need to write the nomination.”

Melda was in the midst of a particularly difficult day prior to learning she earned the distinction of HealthTrust Hero – she was working remotely to care for her ill daughter and catching up on a bevy of facility requests. Since she was so busy finding nurses, she hadn't had the chance to see the company-wide announcement that she had been selected. 

“A coworker contacted me to say ‘congratulations’ but I didn’t know what it was for,” she says with a laugh. “Then the emails [of congratulations] started pouring in. It did bring a smile to my face.”

Always pleasant and naturally graceful, we are honored to have Melda Peterkin as part of the HealthTrust family and as a HealthTrust Hero.

Melda’s nomination can be read in full below:

“Although I cannot count the number of times she has assisted our organization and can only imagine how busy she must be, I never sense that on the other end of the phone. She provides customer service with detailed information in a timely manner. She is always very personable and you can actually ‘hear’ her smile come through the other end of the phone. I know if she is involved in a situation, it will be handled and a resolution will be delivered. I trust her – she is a compliment to the Program Management Team at HealthTrust!”

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