How Two Nurses' Incredible Dedication to Continued Patient Care Saved One Man's Life

HealthTrust Workforce Solutions on Aug 19, 2020 2:33:44 PM

Jay and AngeeAfter a long day of hiking in Roanoke, Virginia, Angee Cart, RN, MSN and Jay Bianco, RN stopped for a quick bite to eat at a nearby restaurant. While getting her food, Angee looked up and noticed that a nearby man was on the floor and had began to code. Immediately, Angee ran towards the man and realized that the man had no pulse and was not breathing. In a quick reaction, Angee started giving CPR
and compressions. After about a minute of CPR and compressions, Angee asked if anyone could find her coworker, Jay, who was in a vehicle outside of the building. Once Jay entered the building, he was able to take over in helping save the man's life until EMS arrived. As EMS arrived and began to take care of the man, Angee noticed that the man's pulse began once again. The EMS staff thanked Angee and Jay and mentioned that they helped save the man's life. 

Angee is incredibly thankful that she was able to help save a life and use the skills she has learned to make a difference to people around her. She hopes to return to her residents and share how all of the feedback given truly matters and can be instrumental in saving somebody's life one day. Angee and Jay, thank you for your dedication to increased patient care!

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