The Top 5 Best Travel Nurse Destinations for 2021

HealthTrust Workforce Solutions on Oct 20, 2020 12:44:40 PM

With 2021 right around the corner, many travelers are already finalizing their travel plans for the new year. However, as a travel nurse with the ability to explore assignments all across the nation, it can be difficult to decide which location is the best to travel to. No need to worry! We have put together five of the most popular destinations that HealthTrust Travel Nurses are planning to explore in 2021. 

The Top 5 Best Travel Nurse Destinations for 2020

1. Dallas, Texas

Dallas Texas

As a major city within Texas, Dallas is beautiful city that is home to a wide-variety of restaurants, retail shops, art districts, and parks. Dallas also houses the Southwestern Medical District, which contains 1,000 acres of medical-related facilities. In Dallas, travel nurses can enjoy both a strong professional career while being able to engage in many incredible activities!

2. Miami, Florida


Aside from housing multiple high-end hospitals, Miami is home to pristine beaches, beautiful hispanic culture, exotic foods, and a variety of sports teams. travel nurses can take part in the endless activities that Miami provides. Also, travel nurses can bask in Miami's year-round beautiful weather!

3. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach, which resides on the heart of South Carolina's Grand Strand Coast, is filled with beautiful and engaging activities for people of all ages! Travel nurses can work at Myrtle Beach's exceptional hospital systems while gaining the ability to enjoy the wide-variety of shopping, seafood restaurants, golf courses, and history that Myrtle Beach has to offer!

4. Houston, Texas


Come explore the most populous city in Texas! Houston is filled with a variety of engaging sports, culture and delicious restaurants. Also, Houston is home to a wide-range of HCA Healthcare hospitals systems that travel nurses can choose from. In addition, Houston is near East Beach, the most popular beach in Texas. Travel nurses who choose to complete an assignment in Houston will be able to engage in many activities that can maintain excitement and curiosity!

5. Asheville, North Carolina


Asheville is a beautiful city located in the North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains and is a short drive from the Great Smoky Mountains. Asheville is known for the city's incredible historic architecture and extensive arts scene. Also, Asheville is filled with a variety of museums and galleries that continuously engage artists. In addition, Asheville is home to incredible HCA Healthcare Hospitals that can assist travel nurses in advancing their professional career. This city filled with nature and outdoor activities continues to be the perfect destination for travel nurses!

Don't see a location that interests you? HealthTrust has travel assignments across the country from coast to coast. Contact us today to learn more about selecting the perfect travel destination for you!

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