Top 5: Hot Springs You Won't Want to Miss in Nevada

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Looking for your next travel nursing adventure? Look no further! Nevada has some of the greatest hot springs in the country. Take a look at this list of amazing locations and don't forget to explore all of the fantastic travel nursing assignments available from HealthTrust right now!

1) Arizona Hot Springs

Escape the Vegas nightlife and head to these three-tiered hot pools nestled in a dark canyon near the Hoover Dam. To get there, park near the highway and hike three miles down a flat sandy wash. Camp on the beach at the edge of the Colorado River after your shift

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2) Gold Strike Hot Springs

Gold Strike is located along the Colorado River only 45 minutes from downtown Vegas. Take a brief 4 mile hike after work through a narrow vertical canyon, once you get there, sit back and relax in this natural spa where water seeps right out of fissures in the rocky canyon walls. Great assignments are available just minutes from this awesome attraction.

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3) Alkali Hot Springs

Alkali Hot Springs are a small cluster of springs in the western Nevada desert that have been piped into two small pools. Halfway between Reno and Las Vegas, during the daytime, there's a good chance you'll find yourself alone to enjoy the views of the nearby mountains. Catch up on some much needed rest after your shift and soak up the healing powers of this hot spring. 

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4) Twelve-Mile (Bishop Creek) Hot Springs

Located along the Humoboldt River in Northeastern Nevada. Get toasty in the hot springs and then awaken your senses by diving into the chilly river. Or sit back and soak and enjoy the view of the surrounding Humboldt Mountains. Either way, you'll be super refreshed to treat your patients when you explore one of these great locations.


The 20 Best Hot Springs in Nevada MAPPED: Twelve Mile Bishop Creek Hot Springs


5) Ruby Hot Springs

Limestone ledges provide entry to this series of hot pools on the border of the Ruby Wildlife Refuge. This region is prime habitat for migrating birds, deer, antelope and other species. The main pool is very large, deep, and a comfortable temperature for swimming, particularly in the late spring and early fall. It's the perfect time to take a travel nursing assignment in Nevada and soak up the beauty of this natural majestic sight. 

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