Top Three Reasons to Hire Travel Nurses

HealthTrust Workforce Solutions on Oct 13, 2017 9:42:04 AM

Three Reasons to Hire Travel Nurses

Travel nurses are growing in popularity, with a 19 percent increase in demand expected by 2022. HealthTrust Workforce Solutions’ Vice President of Travel, Tim Bollinger, weighs in on three reasons why healthcare facilities should consider utilizing the talents of travel nurses.  

  1. Cost Savings

“Travelers are more cost effective than hiring a permanent, full-time employee,” Tim says. “When the patient census decreases, the traveler ends their assignment.” 

Traveler assignments average around 13 weeks, allowing facilities the flexibility to bring in these additional nurses as needs arise. Once the nurse’s contract is coming to an end, a facility may opt to extend the nurse’s contract if the need still persists, or allow the traveler to move on to his or her next assignment in a new city. 

  1. Diverse Experience

“Because of the nature of their job, travelers bring with them experience from many different facilities and different parts of the county,” Tim says. 

The unique experience and insight that travelers take to each assignment can serve as an effective resource to healthcare facilities. As the travelers change facilities an average of four times per year, they take with them the strengths and skills learned at each facility along the way. These assets can be shared with their colleagues at their new facilities, leading to better efficiencies in their units. 

  1. Quick to Adapt

“Travelers are used to being the new person in the hospital,” Tim says. “They are able to blend into the culture without making waves.” 

Whether it’s working in a new environment or learning a new system, travel nurses are used to adapting quickly to their new facilities. This seamless transition allows the travel nurse to immediately fit in with their new unit, ensuring continuous high-quality patient care. 

If your healthcare facility is interested in learning more about travel nurses, click here. If you are a travel nurse looking for your next assignment, click here to browse our available opportunities. 

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