DAISY Team Award: Menorah Health Center

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Congratulations to the Menorah Health 3 North and Med/Oncology teams on earning HealthTrust's first DAISY TEAM Award! Menorah Medical Center is located in Overland Park, just outside of Kansas City. 

The Menorah Health teams were nominated for the DAISY Award for kind, compassionate and coordinated care they delivered to a cancer patient and her son, who happens to be a business partner of HealthTrust's StaRN Nurse Training Program.  

The nursing teams consist of:

Kristy Veasman, Alicia Hafley, Michelle Johnson, Autumn Ayers, Connie Schwartz. Alivn Tapang, Curtis Alldredge, Judy Marino, Aimee Clausen, Amanda Singhara, Melissa Doyal and Dee Smith-Kisner.

You can read the nomination in full below: 

"I wanted to let you know about the nursing staff at Menorah here in Overland Park, Kansas. My mother had been diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer about a year ago. Her primary hospital is Menorah and her treatments have been at the Sarah Cannon center, so I am familiar with the hospital and have interacted with a lot of the staff over there. 

What I really wanted to tell you about is my personal experience interacting with your nurses. About 4 weeks ago my mother ended up in the ER there from complications from her cancer, which had become extremely aggressive. At the time I thought there was the very real possibility that my mother would pass away at the hospital. 

I have a unique perspective I wanted to share regarding the care she received. HealthTrust and Training Umbrella have had a wonderful business relationship over many years now. The program has grown and I have enjoyed working with you and your staff and meeting all your new nurses. There have been so many nurses now over the years I could only guess at the number. The training program here was evident in how your nurses took care of my mother for the 7 days she was at Menorah. When I left here in the evening everyday as new students where going through the program I went over to the hospital and got to see the wonderful care all of your nurses provided my mother. 

Some of those nurses would see me in the hall and recognize me, some looked at me and could not figure out how they might know me and others did not. I never made a point to use any relationship I may or may not have in regards to the nurses there and it allowed me to observe from a different perspective how the staff would care for my mom. 

I can not express how thankful I am that your staff not only did their job and performed the tasks but they did it with kindness and compassion. They took the time to listen to my mom and me. They answered all my questions, and hers, they made her feel safe and they never seemed rushed, even though I know there are other things they have to do and take care of throughout the day.

I never felt like any of those nurses, even a few I know had just finished up a cohort earlier in the year did not know what they where doing. All of them knew the process, the equipment, the procedures, they came across as intelligent and prepared, and off-course all of them showed tremendous care and concern for my mother and myself. 

My mother left the hospital in better spirits and in better health after those 7 days. I would like all your nurses to know that what you do, what you are teaching and what you are expecting of your nurses is showing in the care they are providing. I want your nurses and you to know how grateful I am and I want them to know how important it is that everything they do can make a difference. 

Who knew that the person here at Training Umbrella (me) making sure their training program goes well here would need their help one day taking care of my mother. I am not someone that believes in the saying "don't take it personally". At Training Umbrella we take what we do here personally. I personally am responsible for doing my job well and making sure everyone here has a good experience and each of your nurses seemed to personally take responsibility for their job and their actions while caring for my mother. 

Sadly, my mother passed away on Tuesday of this week but without the care she had during her stay and in the care of your nurses I am confident I would not have had these extra weeks with her. Just know that I understand what a hugely difficult job theirs is but I also want them to know that for every complaint or gripe or seemingly uncaring person they might encounter there is also me who sees the good in what they do and I am thankful for their hard work and I appreciate it." 

Please join us in congratulating the Menorah Health team on receiving HealthTrust's first DAISY TEAM Award! 

The team is pictured above alongside with members of HealthTrust and Menorah Health Center, as well the patient's son who made the nomination. 

If you're interested in joining our team, click here to browse our available clinical and corporate job opportunities. 

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