Mother Gives Birth To Triplets After Battling COVID-19 For More Than A Month

HealthTrust Workforce Solutions on Jul 14, 2020 3:45:16 PM


Maggie Sillero is a caring mother who was shocked to hear the news that she was having triplets. Due to the high-risk nature of her pregnancy, she was admitted to The Woman's Hospital of Texas in Houston, an HCA-Healthcare affiliated facility. However, Maggie was even more concerned to learn that she had tested positive for COVID-19, despite not leaving her house since March. Understanding the risk that COVID-19 presented to both Maggie and her future babies, the healthcare heroes at The Woman's Hospital of Texas in Houston took extra precautions to make sure both Maggie
and the babies were being well taken care of. 

Maggie Sillero’s incredible story has gone viral after giving premature birth to her three healthy and undeniably resilient triplets who continue to remain healthy. Watch her the amazing story on ABC’s World News Tonight and Good Morning America.

Topics: Healthcare, Coronavirus, Health & Safety


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