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HealthTrust Workforce Solutions on Jun 14, 2019 12:08:48 PM


HealthTrust Workforce Solutions is proud to recognize the Credentialing Department. This department is broken up into five teams, Per Diem, Travel, StaRN, Quality Assurance and the Verified Professionals Team, also known as DHP. These teams are responsible for obtaining  and evaluating documentation regarding a clinician’s background check, education, training, work history, licensure, regulatory compliance record and more prior to a provider being permitted to provide patient care at one of our client facilities.

The Credentialing Department as a whole serves as a liaison between our field offices, facilities, and the Human Resources Department to ensure Physicians, Registered Nurses, Allied Health Professionals, and Non-Clinical Ancillary providers are accurately licensed and skilled to perform the duties for the positions they are being staffed for. The team is also called upon to perform file maintenance to ensure the healthcare providers have maintained their credentials free of any encumbrances.

 The Per Diem Credentialing Team is dedicated to credentialing local per diem nurses nationwide. The team plays a large role in putting hundreds of new nurses to work with HWS and also works to ensure all working HWS nurses remain compliant. A Per Diem nurse is a nurse who may work part time at an HCA Healthcare facility. The Credentialing Team goes through extensive lengths to ensure a nurse meets requirements to work at a facility by running credentials such as background tests, drug tests and license verifications.

The Travel Credentialing Team is focused on credentialing travel nurses across the country. A travel nurse is a nurse who travels to work at an HCA facility that is at least 50 miles outside of where they reside. A travel nurse may also participate in the Specialty Travel Program where they can work full time at an HCA facility after a travel assignment.

The StaRN Credentialing Team is responsible for credentialing residents who take part in the StaRN program, which is a program for new grads who sign a two year contract with HWS. This then leads them to have the experience to work the floor at an HCA Healthcare facility once the program is completed. The StaRN program is not just for new grads, but also for Nursing Instructors.

The Quality Assurance Team is a team made up of 3 staff members who ensure HealthTrust Workforce Solutions’ HR programs, policies and procedures are consistently applied in accordance with federal and state regulations, as well as internal company policies.

“As a Quality Assurance specialist, I take pride in assuring the quality of the files as they impact patient care,” says Javier Toledo.

Verified Professionals is a specialty area within our Credentialing Department dedicated to validating the compliance of any non-employee professional looking to gain access and provide a service at our client facility locations. This team alone validates nearly 50,000 individuals annually!

Our Credentialing Department is crucial to patient care as they ensure that anyone who walks into an HCA Healthcare facility is 100% checked, verified, and qualified to be there. Being on the Credentialing Team can be rewarding as well. While they are dedicated to compliance, they are also focused on creating a dynamic culture. The teams enjoy spending time together and participating in team building activities such as Painting with a Twist, Monster Mini Golf, Bowling and 5K runs!

If you’re interested in becoming a part of the HealthTrust Workforce Solutions Team, click here.


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