HealthTrust Hero: Billie Mosley

HealthTrust Workforce Solutions on Aug 30, 2019 10:31:54 AM


Congratulations to Billie Mosley on becoming our first team member to earn HealthTrust Hero two times!

Billie Mosley currently holds a dual role as both Director of MSP Operations and Director of Client Delivery. In his operations role, Billie supports all of our MSP clients through designing reporting, validating data, implementing best practices, and serving as a consultant for any issues that may arise. For his role in client delivery, Billie manages the communications and escalations for one of our large health system clients.

“I love what I do – I wouldn’t be satisfied if I only had one type of task every day,” Billie says. “I thrive in a little bit of chaos.”

Billie joined the HealthTrust Workforce Solutions team in 2011 as a per diem staffing specialist in Austin, Texas. He later transitioned into MSP program management and relocated to Florida in 2016 to work in our Sunrise corporate office. The following year, Billie implemented a major breakthrough in how the company tracks data and generates reports by learning and leveraging the business analytics tool Power BI.

While this innovative approach may have helped him to earn his first HealthTrust Hero award, Billie’s work wasn’t done yet. Over the past two years, Billie has been instrumental in producing Power BI dashboards for each HealthTrust department to use to track the data important to their operations.

Within the MSP space, for instance, Billie developed scorecards that highlight key performance metrics for our staffing partners. For recruitment, he developed reporting on candidate retention and submission turnaround times.

Throughout it all, Billie has proven that he is willing to assist in any capacity and take the time to truly understand an issue, working to deliver a thoughtful and impactful solution that is always more than was originally requested. He has also begun imparting his wisdom on two additional HealthTrust team members – Elizabeth Keogh and Julia Thorby – who will work with Billie to make even more advancements with our reporting.

“We’re going to see really good things from them,” Billie says of Elizabeth and Julia. “They have so many great ideas. I hope they, too, will earn the HealthTrust Hero award in the coming years.”

Please join us in congratulating HealthTrust Hero Billie Mosley!

Billie is pictured above, left, with HWS President & CEO Brendan Courtney. 

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